The Fairbreak Foundation drives positive change and empowers communities through cricketing initiatives across the globe.

Setting equality in motion

Sport is a unique mechanism for change. Fairbreak Foundation is that change in motion. We make real change happen – we don’t just talk about it. Our values are simple: inclusivity, progressiveness, courage, and equality. Our values guide us on our journey as we create opportunities for aspiring athletes in countries worldwide and pave the way for a brighter future.

Creating opportunities for aspiring cricketers to become champions

The Fairbreak Foundation’s mission is to progress equality on a truly global scale, using cricket as our vehicle. We drive positive change and empower communities through cricketing initiatives across the globe. We are creating more opportunities for women and girls to play in safe environments, to uplift their access to education, healthcare and safe supporting communities. Join us and be a part of the movement for change, empowering women and girls through cricket, one community at a time.

How you can change lives

  • Assist us to develop and operate grassroots programs and workshops for students, aspiring athletes and underprivileged communities
  • Improve facilities in disadvantaged communities
  • Empower, promote and properly compensate athletes by conducting Fairbreak Foundation cricket tours and events

The impact of your donation

Change lives

We help athletes fulfil their dream of playing cricket for their country on a global stage a reality. All players are paid, and this changes lives, families, and communities.

Ensure equality

Share our vision to ensure equality for women around the world. Help us support pathways for players and allow dreams to become reality – to represent their country on a global stage and get paid to play.

Educate the world

We’re a truly global sporting platform bringing together players and support staff from all over the world. With this diverse player pool, aiming to inspire young women and girls worldwide; you can help us grow this reach.

A profound impact

Fairbreak has given me a great opportunity to play alongside big players…all the players coming from different countries and playing together is so special. I’ve learnt so much from them. Thank you so much Fairbreak”

– Tanya Ruma, Papua New Guinea

“When I was growing up, the Hong Kong Women’s team played international cricket every other year. We trained and played on astroturf…Being paid to play cricket was unheard of, and we would watch the full member nations on TV but never thought we would meet them. FairBreak has given us opportunities far beyond anything I thought I would see for Associate women in my lifetime. I learned something from every one of my team members, either on or off the field.”

– Yasmin Daswani, Hong Kong

“The FairBreak movement is creating a unique community. It has given us a sense of accomplishment and confidence and made us feel like we deserve to be here, to play cricket and compete on the global stage. Many of the FairBreak cricketers are united through their shared struggles, sacrifices and aspirations. It is a life-changing experience.

Fairbreak is the opportunity that I have been waiting for since I fell in love with the game. I got the opportunity to sign my first-ever professional contract; I played with legends of the game and have created amazing relationships. There are some really passionate and genuine people who are driving this movement, and I am super excited to be part of it and to see how far this wave will go.”

– Maryam Omar, Kuwait

“Fairbreak has been a game-changer for me. Being in the company of exceptional players and talents from various nations has been an enriching experience. Collaborating with Julia Price has always been a pleasure and a source of great learning for me. I feel extremely grateful for this opportunity!”

– Sindhu Sriharsha, USA

We know that by creating new opportunities and practical solutions, we can achieve equality much faster. Do we have your support?